Sewer Scope Inspection Services Miami Florida


Why is a Sewer Scope Inspection Necessary?

Sewer Scope Inspections – Miami, Florida



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At MIA Inspections our trained professional inspector will run a specialized, flexible camera through your home’s drainage pipes. The special flexible camera called a bore-scope sends video and images back to a monitor. The entire process usually takes no more than 30 minutes to complete. Once the sewer scope inspection is complete our inspector will sit down with you to discuss their findings.

Should I Get A Sewer Scope Inspection?
Absolutely! A sewer line is often one of the most costly things to repair in a home. Getting a sewer scope inspection can help you avoid investing in a home that has serious issues with the sewer/septic system.


Here are common red flags that indicate you might need a sewer scope inspection before buying a home:



    • Water backing up inside the home
    • Look for inconsistencies in wall texture and paint in and around bathrooms (Indications of past water damage)
    • Large trees and bushes in the yard
    • The home is at least 25 years old
    • If there is shifting or movement of the ground around the home
    • Extra-green or lush patches of grass

Sewer Scope Inspection Services Miami Florida
If you don’t see any of the previously listed issues, we still highly recommend a sewer scope inspection. Even minor issues with the sewer line may have few or no currently visible issues but can eventually cost thousands to repair.

What we look for during the Inspection:


  • Blockages in the sewer line
  • Low points in the line or bellies in the pipe that trap debris and eventually cause a clog
  •  Cracks, damage or imperfections in the line
  • The type of material used for the line (clay, concrete, plastic, metal, etc)
  • Roots growing through the line
  • Separation or failure of the line
  • Potential damage or issues with the septic tank (if present)


Take advantage of your inspection contingency period and don’t let someone else’s problem become yours. If a problem is identified, you may be able to negotiate a better rate on the home, or at the very least have a plan to repair the issue after you purchase the home. In the event that there is a major problem with the sewer line, you have the ability to walk away from the sale, require the homeowner to make the repair themselves, or get them to significantly adjust the cost of the home.

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